Carnival of the Mobilists #124 is HeRe!!  

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Ahhh May 19th! Third time I host Carnival of the Mobilists. But this time is different. Today is my Birthday <:o) Today is also the day I read my post published on i2 magazine too. Therefore this is not an ordinary day. Since I've turned 19 today, I decided to change the routine and publish 19 posts for this version of CoM.. Enjoy ;)

- Cell phones are not just for calling anymore, now they are also a device for consumers to use to watch television. Kevin Fleming brings us the news on the launch of Mobile TV on different mobile operators.
- Creating an educational enviroment through mobile games is Judy Breck's post for this week. Is that possible? Jump over to read the full article.
- Bena Roberts from GoMo News has an interesting interview with Pierre Scokaert from French mobile search company ABphone. She looks into the innovations of mobile search and how ABphone offers image and video services before text and has used social media to succeed.
- Much rumours are there about the new version of iPhone. Would you go for the new release? Got a theory about what's coming up? Jump over Vero Pepperrell's post on Taptu and leave your thoughts
- Would developers stop developing mobile sites? Is Transcoding the future of Mobile Web? Find out at Tarek Abu-Esber's article on Volantis Open Source
- Mobile Monday London took place last week on the topic of Mobile Advertising. James from the Mjelly Mobile Internet Blog is providing us with a write up of some statistics and data from what went down.
- Linux Linux Linux..All roads are leading to Linux Platform on Mobile, but Jamie Wells asks on Mobilstance; would they do any better than desktop Linux versions which only marginally succeeded?
- Elephants mate with elephants. What does that have to do with mobile world? Jump over to Ajit Jaokar's post @ Open Gardens Blog to know ;)
- Andrew Grill looks at location based advertising and answers some of the questions around why we haven't seen it take off yet.
- Dennis from wap review has tried and experienced ATT's new prepaid data offer and shows us how annoying those status messages are... Continue Reading.
- Nokia operates like a fighter jet, incredibly nimble and powerful. But in the US, it's more like an old biplane with holes in the wings. Michael Mace shows us on Mobile Opportunity how badly Nokia handles itself in the US market.
- Rudy De Waele is bringing us plenty of Information about the Mobile 2.0 Conference that is going to be held on July 4th in Barcelona (What to be  expected, Panel Speakers and MORE!)
- Eric Chan responds to Medio Systems co-founder Michael Luni's comment about Verizon's Get it Now service.
- Design in mobile products doesn't have to be expensive, but it does take investment in a new process. Barbara Ballard is providing us with expert information about improving mobile products desing on Little Springs Design.
- Is Google's project StreetView a privacy compromiser or is it safe? Jump over to Russel Buckley's post @ MobHappy to find out.
- Chetan Sharma is Providing us with statistics about the US Data Market on his Blog, Always on Real Time Access.
- What kind of mobile content gets people excited? There are several strategic things a small media outlet can do to build a truly useful web/mobile portal to last through the next decade. Jump over to Igor Faletski's post on Mobscure to read more.
Well I wish they were 19.. I only recieved 17 but that's ok too :) And my favourite post this week is................Click here ;)
Don't miss CoM next week @ All About iPhone! c ya

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Happy birthday!

May 20, 2008 4:10 PM

Hey, thanks! :)

May 20, 2008 7:14 PM

Good set of links there Tarek. Kept me busy for the last 20 minutes. Thanks :)

BTW Happy Birthday and have a great day!

May 21, 2008 12:03 PM

Happy to hear that.. Thanks alot :)

May 21, 2008 6:23 PM

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