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I was working on my Haskell project when I remembered this amazing software that comes with Nokia PC suite. That's why any person familiar with Haskell would recognize this title as a type definition (function Autocopy that takes Gallery as input and outputs it to computer,  lol been working for too long ). Anyway, the software is called Image Store. It's so simple that all it does it copy images and videos from phone gallery to computer and I've decided to write a little guide for people who never used it. This is a very beginner's guide so don't expect anything big :)
The main feature that I'm spotting the lights on in this guide is the autocopy feature. Imagine yourself on a trip, you took a lot of pictures using your N95 for example. Now you're home and you need to copy those images to your computer with the least effort. The only effort you'll exert when using this software is switching on Bluetooth. Yes and that's it! Once BT is switched on, voila, all images are automatically copied to you computer. Sounds nice right?

I assume you've paired or know how to pair your phone with Nokia PC suite. If not, follow section 4.4 in this guide. Let's get Started ;)

main blur
This where you start the application.
When you open Image Store for the first time, will pop up a settings windows.
Pick whether you want to sync only images or videos or both.
Here I'd prefer choosing  shooting month. I personally think that finding a certain image would easier this way.
Here's the important part. Make sure you mark Automatic storing. You can choose not to autostore of course but this is where lies the magic of this software. Click Next then hit finish. Now all done.
store1 store2
If only the process could be done silently with only notifications from the taskbar I would be more happy. Any way, same stuff can also be done using USB. It's faster but we're using bluetooth because is easier. You know, USB envolves plugging the cable to phone, then plugging it to PC port, sometimes you need to search for the cable..etc. Much work as you see :P I like Bluetooth! :)Things can even get easier if you use N-starter to switch Bluetooth on lol!

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