Surviving with a screenless phone  

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pcphone_136 How does it feel when you receive an SMS and couldn't read it? How does it feel to get a missed call and couldn't get to know the source? How does it feel to use a phone without a screen?

If you recall my N80's condition I posted a couple of days ago, you should probably know it's getting worse. Screen is almost completely dead now. It's like being blind, depending on the sound of keypad tones all the time to dial a number, lock keypad etc.. I thought, there must be a way to access my phone's data through my computer. You know, at least messages and call logs. Then I remembered a program I never thought I will really need sometime; Nokia Beta Lab's PC Phone. screen cap

It's a software that integrates itself in Internet browser, giving you the ability to use your mobile phone from it. You can call, text, and manage contacts from your phone - all through your PC!

Well that's what Nokia Beta Labs says, I was successful downloading and installing the software and connected my N80. Even though the main reason I installed this is the option of retrieving call logs and initiating calls, both are not working with me. Messages and contacts are working fine but hey, this can already be done using Nokia/Nseries PC Suite.

However, today the screen somehow just woke up from blank for a couple of minutes and I immediately seized this opportunity to install an application that will display phone's screen on PC when it goes blank again. I remembered Mabiola's Screen Capture, so I installed it, put it in multimedia menu, wrote down the steps to launch it without looking so I could be able to launch it easily when screen shuts down again..

I wonder when I'll send my phone to get fixed, I hope this would be soon and I also hope they fix this stupid issue in Nokia PC Phone.

Get Nokia PC Phone

Get Mabiola Screen Capture

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