The Dotsisx Review
Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome to the second of my series of reviewing Mobile Blogs. As I promised, every Friday I'll review a different Mobile Blog and my guest this week is Rita's Dotsisx.


Authored by Rita El Khoury, Dotsisx has become one of my favorite mobile blogs specialized S60 3rd Edition

Before I begin, I have to mention:

The following are all my personal opinions as a reader and It might also stand up for most other readers' thoughts. The aim of this review is to help the blog owner/author improve, modify or fix whatever necessary to enhance the blog's quality.

So, let's get started :) 

Blog Construction/Design:

Before I start, I would like to say something about the blog's name. Dotsisx. It's just Brilliant. Really thumbs up on choosing this title.

Now let's really start:

Well for me, as a reader, I find nothing fancy about Dotsisx's design or theme. It's just simple. But Rita is no way to be blamed. Blogger really do not offer many good templates. Btw I used to really like the Old Dotsisx theme.

  • Right column has many good items. And that "Favourite ... Of the Moment" is my favourite :)
  • Despite having many good items, I get the feeling that it's overcrowded. I think it would be much nicer if those items were devided onto 2 columns. 
  • I kept searching, where can I syndicate Dotsisx's feed. I don't want Google, I don't want Yahoo, I just want the normal feed. Then I realized that clicking on the number of readers does the job. I don't think many people will be as smart as me:P


Content Material

Ok, what I really like about Dotsisx is that you don't find regular stuff that is published on every other S60 web site. Rita has a good touch of difference and an excellent style of writing.

Another point to mention, Rita goes off topic in many posts. Well for me I may like lots of them. But for people who are new to Dotsisx, they may dislike it. I'm not saying quit them. Just do them less often. And those slippers are really cute :D lol

Gaps between posts usually extend to 3-5 days, and this is exactly the most serious issue Rita has to deal with.

Other stuff

Finally, I would like to say; if only Rita had more time for her blog, she would become a star. Her blog really has what it takes, but needs more time to be looked after.

Well, that's all I've got. Sorry for making it too short, my midterms start tomorrow and I have loads to finish (or to start :S). 

Stay tuned for this week's Mobile Monday. Yep, it's happening here at Symbiano-Tek. Damn! I will fail in those exams!!

Next week's review: SymbianWorld.


Did I miss something? Do you have an opposing opinion or think I've mistaken in a point or more? Let me know what you thought so I could do better next time. Thanks.


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