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    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    myn80 What does a S60 blogger's phone contain? What applications would blogger's have installed on their phone? What do they use most? I'm curious to know what Ricky, Darla, Rita, Michael and other bloggers have on their little celly. I invite them to start a post discussing what their phones contain and how practical it is in their own life. I'll start with myself as an example:

    The first thing I do when I wake up, even before leaving bed, I grab my N80 and check for new emails. I used to do it using the ordinary web browser, but the new windows live messenger, which integrates windows live Hotmail to messaging just made my day. One button hit, and I got all my new mail synchronized immediately. I also use the messenger when alot.

    My N80 is my MP3 player. I have over 300 songs on my 1GB mini-SD.  Well they are not MP3. I convert them all to M4A format for less memory consumption. M4A is a brilliant format. I barely notice any difference in quality when compared to MP3.

    It's my photo gallery. I keep all my photos on my N80, whether photos took by it, or by another camera and then copied to it. I like the idea to have a mobile gallery in my pocket. And that is one reason I convert my MP3s to M4As. So that there will be enough space for all my pictures.

    Nokia Web Server. It's a powerful application that is very useful in many sides. For example, I took some pictures for me and my friends, now when I go home they'll ask me to send them, and I guarantee I'm quite lazy in doing that. So I just launch the Web Server, connect using my Wlan, and let every one of them download whatever picture they want :)

    For file browsing and managing I use X-plore. This is certainly the best file manager ever existed! I don't think anyone could say other wise. It has all the functions. All of them. I just love this app.

    Sometimes I like to use my phone in landscape, as a change, so I use rotateme to do that.I use widsets to read RSS and there is also this application called  PhoneScreen, that facilitates taking screenshots from my N80, and Mabiola Web Camera to use my phone as a PC web camera.

    For security, I use F-Secure for virus detection. I also have Phone Guardian to reduce theft possibility.

    I used to have more applications, but firmware upgrades just makes me more lazy to reinstall them all. I get them, when I need them.

    That's all. Now that's an open invitation for all mobile Bloggers to start a post containing how they use their mobile phone( beside basic uses of course ), and what applications they use on their phones. It's like tagging, but in this case, Mobile tagging. I tag Ricky's , Darla's, Zach's, Rita's and Michael's mobile phones :)


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    Posted by TGhazali @ 12:13 AM  
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