Six N95 Newbie Tips  

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Well, most of us for sure know those five tips, I myself wouldn't call them tips as they are from the very basic things that any Nokia user should know. But of course there are people who are new to the Nokia world, and I guess they deserve to learn those few basic stuff.

These tips where posted on Symbian-Freak by Apocalypso in response to a a member's request.

1st tip: It's about very useful but "hidden" feature related to composing messages, also known as fast search. For example, I have new sms message shortcut on the first position of the active standby screen, so if I want to send message to my girlfriend for example, its enough to pres joypad.. .. press key "1" once to get . (dot) in the recipient field.. . . .. compose message.. . . press green dial key and that's it, message is sent without accessing phone book and selecting the contact.

2nd tip: The strange pencil key has similar function like Shift key in windows, from the phone itself is for edit functions such selecting, cutting, pasting as well as for some additional features depending on application, features like marking, for booting up phone in safe mode and so on.. . .

3rd tip: Hold # key in idle mode to fast switch among the general and silent mode.. .

4th tip: Pres 0 key in idle mode to activate the Web Browser

5th tip: In messaging, instead of choosing, Options / Send just press the Ggreen key

6th tip:Applications and Folders in Menu are numbered in same order of the keypad. You can use numbers of keypad to navigate instead of scrolling.

And one additional tip, when browsing images and videos in gallery, you can always press the green button to open send options instead of options--> send.

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